Larrivée C10 BZ 30th Anniversary

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Larrivee150.pngLarrivee C10 Braz HeadStock.jpgInlay356.jpg

"The lady in the mirror looking back represented us looking back over the past 30 years of guitar building. The Vine Inlay on the fingerboard is one of a kind, only used on the 30 year model and never used since." — Luke at Larrivée
L1  Model II with T1


L - Larrivee Body

  • Lower Bout · 16”
  • Upper Bout · 11.625”
  • Waist · 10.25”
  • Depth · 4.75”
  • Overall Length · 40.75”
  • Scale Length · 25.5”
  • Manufactured in 1997
  • This particular C10 BZ has an L.R. Baggs iMix No-Cut version that was installed at the Larrivée office in Vancouver, BC in February 2007 [1]. See also: L.R. Baggs ToneMatch Presets


I play this through the Model II and for smaller shows I use the Compact. — ST

Settings with T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine

Cliff Henricksen suggested that I try these settings for my Larrivée C10 BZ 30th Anniversary and Morgan Concert Cutaway guitars.

ToneMatch® Preset Acoustic Guitars/Flat A Guitar zEQ
  • ToneMatch® Preset
    • Category: Acoustic Guitars - Bypass or
    • Preset: Flat, A. Guitar zEQ
Para EQ — -10dB / 500 Hz / 2.0 Oct
  • Para EQ
    • Level -10 dB
    • Freq 500 Hz
    • Width 2.0 oct

It sounds so very simple - but the Guitars both sound absolutely stunning!

As a matter of interest, the Larrivée has an iMix no-cut system and the Morgan has a passive Fishman.

It should be no surprise that these settings work so well for both of these instruments. They are very similar. The body shape and size are the standard Larrivée "L" body.

They do sound different when I compare one to the other, but they both benefit from settings - retaining their individual character and sounding far more like their unamplified voices.

Prior to using the settings, Cliff recommended I did this.

Morgan with passive Fishman under saddle piezo pickup that sounds stunning with the

  • Classic Taylor ToneMatch® preset #90 (Dreadnought Finger-Style).
  • For a lighter sound I use the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine
    • Category: Taylor Guitars / Preset: G Audit Finger or
    • Category: Taylor Guitars / Preset: G Concert Finger

It also sounds terrific with the L1 Compact using Channel 2 with the ToneMatch® setting on.

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