S1 Pro Amber Light on Channel 1

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If you see an amber light on S1 Pro System Channel one you need to reset the Digital Signal Processor.

S1 Pro DSP Error.jpg

S1 Pro System System Reset
  1. Turn off the S1 Pro System
  2. Disconnect everything (audio, USB connections, Power)
  3. Remove the battery [1]
  4. Wait 30 seconds
  5. Reinstall the battery[1]
  6. Reconnect (audio, USB, Power)
  7. Turn on the power

  1. 1.0 1.1 Remove or Install the battery
    S1 Pro Battery Installation.jpg
    The screw heads are Phillips. S1 Pro Phillips.jpg Philips head screwdriver Horz.jpg Note: The screws remain attached to the battery cover. You can't misplace or lose them because they don't separate from the battery cover.