2007 Fall Rocky Mountain Conference

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2007 Fall Rocky Mountain Conference

Fast Facts:

Conference Outcomes

<linkedimage> wikipage=Vocal and Guitar Performance Techniques tooltip=Tom Munch speaking at 2007 Rocky Mountain Conference img_src=TomMunchCuchara.png img_width=150px img_height=114px img_alt=Tom Munch speaking at 2007 Rocky Mountain Conference </linkedimage>

New Discussions about the Conference

(on the message boards)

The Road to Cuchara - notes from travellers en route

It's all over now, baby blue - reflections and pictures

Please use this page to share your ideas and plans for the event. Click the edit tab above. If you create an account - please use the same name as you use on the Bose® Pro Portable PA Community so we'll recognize you.

Ken and Tom's announcement: 2007 Fall Rocky Mountain Conference


September 30, 2007 - October 1, 2007

You should plan to be in Cuchara no later than Sunday afternoon. Some of you may want to take advantage of the trip to spend extra days. We'll have music on Sunday evening. Then, we'll conference on Monday day and evening (more music) and we're out on Tuesday. Loved ones are welcome to join us.

Conference Venue


The Timbers at The Cuchara Inn. A bar from days gone by where legendary Texas singer-songwriters like Jerry Jeff Walker & Michael Murphey used to play.


For accommodations, there are rooms at the Cuchara Inn (where we'll hold the conference) and the Yellow Pine Ranch just up the road that are available to us at a fair price. Rooms at the Inn are standard hotel rooms. Cabins and a few houses are available for families and groups at the Yellow Pine (more details to follow).


  • Cuchara Inn, 73 East Ave., Cuchara, CO 81055. Tel: 719.742.3685 $69 plus tax - ask for Bose conference rates
  • Yellow Pine Guest Ranch, 15880 State Highway 12, Cuchara CO 81055. Tel: 719.742.3528 $85 to $155 plus tax. Check website for descriptions of cabins (click on Cabins link) - Yellow Pine Cabins

The back view of Timbers & the Cuchara Inn from the Yellow Pine Guest Ranch across the field.

Getting to Cuchara

Google Maps and Directions from Nearby Airports

Denver International Airport to Cuchara (3 hrs)

Colorado Springs Airport to Cuchara (2 hrs)

Albuquerque NM Airport to Cuchara (4.5 hours)

Weather (What to Wear)

The weather can vary quite a bit at this time of year. Here's a historic temperature average I found:

  • The Average High Temperature is 62 F with a historical range of 48 F to 71 F.
  • The Average Low Temperature is 42 F with a historical range of 35 F to 48 F.

It is usually dry & sunny with little wind.

The altitude is 7100 feet, so expect mountain weather.

Things to Do in the Area

There are lots of things for you & your family to do in the area. Check out these websites for information. We may be able to get some special group rates on train rides on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad. The area is beautiful in a different way than most expect for Colorado.

Sangres.com Loads of information about the area.

Southern Colorado Homes Lots more information -- art galleries, hiking, horseback riding and more.

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad Historic train from La Veta to Alamosa.

Celtic Music Festival A well known Celtic music festival starts the Thursday before our conference that some folks may want to attend. Some of these musicians will probably join us on Monday. Their last event is Sunday night - a big Celtic jam that goes late into the night.

A local landmark...The Devil's Stairsteps.

Monday morning hike

Several folks have expressed interest in a hike Monday morning led by Willson & McKee before the first event. Here are Ken Willson's notes:

Hello to all Hikemiesters!

Lets meet at 7am Monday by the Timbers in Cucharra and head up. There is parking at the top for a $5 Fee. We will bring our Ford Econoline and can carry a number of folks willing to sit on the floor or campchairs. (we only have two seats installed). This hike is for beginning hikers but pays off with advanced beauty. The only issue is the 11,000 ft elevation. Barring a Gilligans island scenario we'll be back by 10, after all, this is just a 3 hour tour....

You don't need hiking gear, street shoes would work in a pinch tho warm layers would be advisable and a bit of H2o for the end.

See ya all!! Kenny

  • Ken Willson
  • Shawn Smith
  • John Sweet
  • Bob Sweet
  • Larry Lambert
  • Rebecca Gale
  • Jeff Ervin
  • Holli Ervin
  • Chris Ickler

Costs and Expenses

  • There is no fee for the conference
  • Bose is hosting the Monday night dinner (alcoholic drinks not included)
  • Attendees are responsible for other expenses

Attendees to Date

(Bose message board name in parentheses.)

Folks Travelling Long Distance to Cuchara

  • Dennis Higgins (dhcrow): Guitar, Bass
  • Garry Hennan (Bose Guy In Calgary): Assisted Direct Sales Rep
  • John Sweet (John S): Assisted Direct Rep, Guitar, Vocals, Drums
  • Bob Sweet: John S's Dad
  • Rick Jordan (rwj): Guitar, Vocals
  • Jeff Ervin (holliwil): 2 nights
  • Holli Ervin: 2 nights (Jeff's 13-year old daughter, a musician)
  • Evan Jacob (Ken's 13 year old son, a musician)
  • Pete Vredenburgh (drumr): 2 nights: drums, vocals
  • Julie Vredenburgh: 2 nights
  • Shawn Smith (shawn smith): Assisted Direct Rep, Singer/Songwriter
  • Rebecca Gale (VinsGirl): guitar, vocals
  • Larry Lambert (oldghm): guitar, vocals
  • Nathan Carls (BabyBlueEyes): Vocals
  • Steve Leete: guitar, vocals

Folks from the Region

  • Tom Munch (Tom Munch): Professional Singer/Songwriter, Assisted Direct Rep, Conference Organizer, guitar, vocals
  • David Enke (David Enke): bass, mandola, cello, Proprietor of Pickup-the-World pickups
  • Annie Enke
  • Lee Lechner (Pony Express)
  • Nancy Lechner (Pony Express)
  • Carin Mari Lechner: guitar, vocals (Pony Express)
  • Colin Lechner: mandolin, vocals (Pony Express)
  • Evan Lechner: bass, vocals (Pony Express)
  • Steve Dey: guitars, vocals
  • Don Richmond: guitars, banjo, mando, fiddle, Dobro, slide, trumpet, vocals, & on & on... (Don Richmond)
  • Tom Reed: bass
  • Willson & McKee (Kennyw)
  • Jaquie Gipson & her husband Keith: national acoustic fingerstyle guitar act & Keith makes some dandy acoustic guitar accessories
  • Lou & Katja Drakulich (Lou D)
  • Matt Kouba: sax, keys

Bose Folks

  • Akira Mochimaru: 2 nights: General Manager, Professional Systems Division
  • Bill Becker (Bill-at-Bose): 3 nights: Electrical Engineer, Trumpet
  • Craig Jackson (Craig-at-Bose): 2 nights: Senior Product Manager, Guitar
  • Chris Ickler (Chris-at-Bose): 3 nights: Senior Research Engineer
  • Chuck Nemitz (Chuck-at-Bose): 2 nights: Northeast Sales, Guitar, Vocals
  • Cliff Henricksen (Cliff-a-Bose): 2 nights: Senior Engineer, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Ken Jacob (Ken-at-Bose): 3 nights: Director of Advanced Development
  • Mike Zartarian (MikeZ-at-Bose): Electrical Engineer, Bass
  • David Steele: 3 nights: Training Manager, Guitar, Vocals
  • Kyle Harris (BigKyle-at-Bose): 3 nights: NA Sales, Guitar, Vocals
  • Neil Chauvin (Neil-at-Bose): 2 nights: Product Manager, Guitar, Vocals
  • Tom Beier: 2 nights: Manager of NA speciality distribution, Guitar, Drums, Vocals


If you don't see it here, then plan on bringing it with you. And if you are bringing something, then please add your gear to the list.

I'd really recommend bringing your T1 if you have one so that you can use your saved settings. If you don't want to travel with it but would like to have your settings you can email Tom a saved scene & it can be loaded at the conference if there is time [tom(at)tommunch(dot)com]. Thanks.

L1™ Equipment

Tom Munch

  • 1 L1 Model II
  • 4 L1 Classics
  • 12 B1's
  • 2 T1's
  • 2 T1 mic adaptors & AC adaptors
  • 2 A1 PackLite amps

Tom Munch bringing for Bose

  • 5 L1 Model II's
  • 5 B1's
  • 5 T1's
  • 5 T1 mic adaptors & AC adaptors

Shawn Smith

  • 1 T1™

John Sweet

  • 1 T1™

Rick Jordan

  • 1 T1™


  • 1 T1™


Please list instruments, microphones and any other gear you have in your signal chain that you are bringing.


  • Variax 700 Electric
  • Pod XT Live
  • Damage Control WMZ & Glass Nexus
  • Mics/cables: (1) Neumann KMS105, (1) Sennheiser 421, (1) Sennheiser e609, (2) Audix OM5, (1) Shure Beta 58A, (2) Shure SM57, (1) EV RE20, (1) Rode NT2000
  • PorchBoard Floor Bass donated by PorchBoard's own Nadene! Available for use at our conference and will be given away to one lucky winner at the end of the conference!

John Sweet

  • Taylor 314CE, (Fishman with onboard preamp - no internal mic/blender)
  • Rigel Mandolin (under-saddle pickup, no onboard preamp)

Shawn Smith

  • Martin HD28 (w/Highlander under-saddle ribbon transducer)
  • Boss GE-7 eq pedal
  • 2 Audix OM5 mics & cables

Rick Jordan

  • Taylor T5
  • DigiTech Vocalist 2

Rebecca Gale

  • Godin Multiac SA
  • Audix OM3 mic and cable

Willson & McKee

  • 1 L1 w/B1
  • 2 Audix om5's
  • Yamaha Mixer
  • Numerous DI's and Pick-up-the-world Pre amps

Tom Munch

  • Lowden acoustic through Blender
  • Strat through Boss FDR or WMZ
  • Yamaha hollow body through Boss FDR or WMZ
  • Godin ACS through Mama Bear
  • Ibanez Roadstar bass
  • National Resolectric
  • AKG 535 mics
  • Shure Beta 87 & 58's
  • Audio Technica vocal/instrument mics
  • Mic cords & stands
  • Music stand
  • Simon & Patrick with Baggs Duet for anyone to play

Michael DeVincenzo

  • T1
  • Alembic 2006 Series II bass
  • Alembic 1980 graphite neck Series II bass

Dennis Higgins (dhcrow)

  • Martin OM 42
  • Martin bc15e bass

David Enke

  • Drum kit

Johnny Watson

  • Drum kit
  • Yamaha YGP-625 piano

Matt Kouba

  • Keys Monday night

Cliff Henricksen

  • GEM piano module

Jeff Ervin

  • Sennheiser EW100 Headset Mic
  • Alien Head Egg

Holli Ervin

  • Student Vito Bflat Clarinet


Program: Music / Tech Talk / Community

(Subject to change without notice)


  • Arrival (All)
  • A very personal take on ToneMatch technology (Ken)
  • Short showcase performances by solo or small ensemble acts (sign up list below)


  • T1 ToneMatch audio engine and L1 model II (Craig, Tom & musicians)
  • Short showcase performance by established solo or small ensemble act (to be chosen by organizers)
  • ToneMatch ear training (Cliff)
  • Custom ToneMatch presets (Cliff)
  • Short showcase performance by established solo or small ensemble act (to be chosen by organizers)
  • Vocal/Guitar/Performing Technique (Tom)
  • Musician-honed specifications for helping others evaluate the L1 system (Chris, MikeZ, others)
  • Dinner/rest
  • Music (some predetermined songs, rhythm section as anchor, featured artists: see below)


  • Depart (All)
  • David & Annie Enke have graciously agreed to welcome anyone into their home from 11-4 on Tuesday if you would like a tour of his studio or a bite to eat & some hospitality before you catch your plane. They live in La Veta, just 10 miles north on the way back from Cuchara. Directions will be available at the conference.

Detailed Descriptions of Some Agenda Items

Custom ToneMatch™ Presets: Cliff Henricksen

Tone Freaks: Let's TWEAK!

One of my activities at this conference will be making custom ToneMatch(TM) filters for individual artists. Bring your instrument(s) and we'll get the tone you want, I guarantee it (ever see "Mens' Warehouse" commercials on TV?). The exact manifestation of this is unknown at present but the path to the answer is in motion. At worse, we'll get the tone and it will be posted in a few weeks after the conference for download to the T1. At best, it will show up on your own T1. I'll have 3 or 4 of the EQ's I've done all the TM stuff with, so we can a/b/c. Maybe we'll do a Fall 2007 ToneMatch(TM) collection and post it for download.

Custom ToneMatch™ Preset

Please add your name (& instrument/s) to the list if you would like to have a custom preset/s created at the conference.

  • Steve Dey (acoustic guitar, Dobro)
  • John Sweet (mandolin)
  • Shawn Smith, (Martin HD28 guitar, Vocal)
  • dhcrow Dennis Higgins (Martin 0m42 with an installed K&K mini)
  • Michael DeVincenzo (Two Alembic Series II basses)
  • Carin Lechner (acoustic guitar)
  • Colin Lechner (mandolin)
  • Evan Lechner (acoustic bass guitar)
  • Rick Jordan (Taylor T5, acoustic setting)


Sunday Night

Short showcase performances by solo or small ensemble acts.

Please add your name to the list if you would like to play.

(not in order of perfomance)

  • Tom Munch (acoustic guitar, voice)
  • Cliff Henricksen (electronic piano, voice)
  • Evan Jacob (piano) with Holli Ervin (Clarinet)
  • John Sweet (acoustic guitar instrumental)
  • Rick Jordan (guitar,voice)
  • Rebecca Gale (guitar, voice)
  • Dennis Higgins (dhcrow) (guitar, voice) Original song titled - "Now"
  • Larry Lambert (guitar, voice)

Monday Day: Musical interludes

Short showcase performances by established solo or small ensemble acts interspersed between presentations and discussions.

  • Willson & McKee (Rocky Mtn Celtic on many instruments)

Monday Night: First Part

Short showcase performances by established small ensemble acts.

  • Carin Mari & Pony Express

Monday Night: Second Part

Pre-selected songs featuring a rhythm section and one or more featured players/singers.

Please submit song ideas in the section below. Through the message board, we'll work on which songs will put on the final list and which players are assigned to the songs.

Some of the songs will be chosen so as to encourage large group participation. Others will be chosen for smaller ensemble performances.

Rhythm section (to be selected by organizers)

Please add your name to the list if you would like to be considered for the rhythm section. With advance apologies, we may not be able to accomodate everyone.

It would be great to have three each of drums, bass, rhythm guitar, & keys. This way we can sub out all night as needs arise. A couple good horn players would round it out perfectly.

  • John Sweet: Acoustic guitar or drums
  • Chuck-at-Bose: Guitar
  • Pete Vredenburgh: drums, backing vocals, finger snaps
  • Johnny Watson: drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Tom Reed: bass
  • Tom Munch: rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • David Enke: mandola, bass, backing vocals
  • Don Richmond (if he is well enough to make it): guitars, banjo, mando, fiddle, Dobro, slide, backing vocals

Possible songs:

Please add a song for consideration. Discussion about songs should take place at the message board here.

Name Example Artist Chord Changes & Lyrics
Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers chord changes and lyrics
Angel (6) Jimi Hendrix chord changes and lyrics
Basin Street Blues Sam Cooke chord changes
The Beat Goes On Giant Sand
Big Boss Man Jimmy Reed
Blue Moon (1952 Version) Billie Holiday chord changes
By the Time I Get to Phoenix Glen Campbell chord changes and lyrics
Chain Gang Otis Redding chord changes and lyrics
A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke chord changes and lyrics
Crazy Patsy Cline chord changes and lyrics
Dear Mr. Fantasy Traffic
Don't Get Around Much Anymore Billy Strayhorn, Dr. John chord changes
Down By The River Neil Young chord changes and lyrics
Drown in My Own Tears Aretha Franklin chord changes and lyrics
El Paso Marty Robbins
Family Affair Sly & The Family Stone
Feelin` Alright Traffic
For the Good Times Kris Kristofferson
Forty Thousand Headmen Traffic
Friend Of The Devil Lyle Lovett
Gentle on My Mind Glen Campbell
Georgia On My Mind Billie Holiday chord changes
Goin' Down This Road Feelin' Bad Woody Guthrie
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Charles Mingus
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Glen Campbell
I'll take you there Mavis Staples
I Shot the Sheriff Bob Marley
Imagine John Lennon
Lean On Me Bill Withers
Leavin on Your Mind Patsy Cline
Little Red Rooster Sam Cooke
Loves Me Like A Rock Paul Simon
Mama Tried Merle Haggard
Me & Bobby McGee Grateful Dead
Melissa Allman Brothers Band
Midnight Rider Allman Brothers Band
Misty Donny Hathaway
More Than Words Extreme chord changes and lyrics
Nature Boy Nat King Cole
No Woman, No Cry - Bob Marley Bob Marley
Oh My Love John Lennon
Ohio Neil Young chord changes and lyrics
Old Man Neil Young chord changes and lyrics
Sam Stone John Prine
Southern Man Neil Young chord changes and lyrics
Spinning Wheel Blood, Sweat & Tears
Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin
Streets of Philadelphia Bruce Springsteen
Sweet Emotion Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon
To Sir With Love Al Green
Try a Little Tenderness Otis Redding
Unforgettable Nat King Cole
Walk On By Aretha Franklin
What a Wonderful World Etta Jones
Wichita Lineman Glen Campbell
Working Class Hero John Lennon
Yes Only Love Neil Young
Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore John Prine

Chosen songs with featured players/singers

Name Lead Vocals Backup Vocals Lead Instruments Backup Instruments Chart
Loves Me Like a Rock Chuck Nemitz Jeff Ervin John Sweet/Acoustic or Mando if needed Jeff Ervin/Keyboard Word File
I Saw the Light Tom Munch, Katja Dietze-Drakulich, Larry Lambert? John Sweet/Mando Rick Jordan, guitar ??? Word File
Don't Get Around Much Anymore Nathan Carls ??? ??? ??? Word File
By the Time I Get to Phoenix Tom Munch ??? ??? ??? Word File
Rocky Mountain High Tom Munch Jeff Ervin, Ken Jacob, John Sweet, Carin & Colin Lechner (We now have a choir!) ??? John Sweet - mandolin chop Word File
Can't Buy Me Love Jeff Ervin ??? ??? ??? Word File
More Than Words Jeff Ervin John Sweet John Sweet - Acoustic Guitar Jeff Ervin - Alien-Head percussion Word File
Wichita Lineman Tom Munch, Ken Jacob ??? Tom Munch - Guitar ??? Word File
My Blue Heaven Nathan Carls ??? ??? Tom Munch - guitar Word File
On the Sunny Side of the Street Nathan Carls ??? ??? Tom Munch - guitar Word File

Door prizes [tbd]

Bring schwag you would like to swap if you have it - sunglasses with band name, bumper stickers, CD's, posters, fly swatters, etc.

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