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S1 Pro  This information is applicable to the S1 Pro system

This list will be of interest mainly for S1 Pro system owners. Microphones with higher sensitivity will tend to sound louder than those with lower sensitivity. While sensitivity is not an indicator of quality or gain-before-feedback, it can have an impact on how loud the microphone sounds through the S1 Pro system.

Microphone Sensitivity in mV/Pascal Polar Pattern
Audix OM2 1.60 Hypercardioid
Audix OM3 1.60 Hypercardioid
Audix OM3xb 2.50 Hypercardioid
Audix OM5 2.00 Hypercardioid
Audix OM6 1.50 Hypercardioid
Audix OM7 0.80[1] Hypercardioid
Beyerdynamic M88 2.90 Hypercardioid
EV N/D767A      3.10 Supercardioid
EV N/D 86           2.40 Supercardioid
EV N/D 96         3.30 Supercardioid
Rode M1 1.60 Cardioid
Sennheiser e 835     2.70 Cardioid
Sennheiser e 845     1.80 Supercardioid
Sennheiser e 935     2.80 Cardioid
Sennheiser e 945     2.00 Supercardioid
Sennheiser MD 421-II 2.00 Cardioid
Sennheiser MD 431 2.20 Supercardioid
Sennheiser MD 435 1.80 Cardioid
Sennheiser MD 441 1.80 Supercardioid
Sennheiser MD 445 1.60 Supercardioid
Shure Beta 58      2.60 Supercardioid
Shure KSM8 2.66 Cardioid
Shure SM58        1.85 Cardioid

  1. Output level too low for S1 Pro