S1 Pro Bass Over Bluetooth

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How can I reduce the bass in Bluetooth music
The S1 Pro System reproduces the audio received over Bluetooth. To change the EQ use an app in the Bluetooth source device.
See IOS Equalizer
See Bass over excursion... Community discussion
Will Bose issue a firmware update to change the bass response in Bluetooth content?
We tested the S1 Pro system with a wide range of applications including live music, music playback with various styles of music, public speaking, and more. We tuned the bass response for the best overall performance for the widest number of people. We continue to listen to customer comments here and through all channels. We know that most of our customers are extremely happy with the sound of the S1 Pro system.
We have explored ways to change the response in the low frequencies. We found making the S1 Pro system more tolerant of heavy bass diminishes the overall performance in other ways. We don't have plans to change the sound profile of the S1 Pro system through a firmware update. Source