S1 Pro Stereo Mode with the Bose Connect App

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Question; How do I connect two S1 Pro systems using Bluetooth

First, both your S1 Pro systems must be running the latest firmware. You can get that using a PC or a Mac. Visit http://btu.bose.com

Please watch the video below up to 1:30 seconds. It's all equally applicable to the S1 Pro systems except the pictures show the Bose Soundlink Revolve.  Note: after 1:30 - the video talks about connecting without the Bose Connect app. This isn't supported on the S1 Pro system.

S1 Pro Party Mode Mono.png

S1 Pro Party Mode Stereo.png

When you turn on Stereo mode;

The loudspeaker you connected to first is the LEFT channel.
The loudspeaker you connected to second is the RIGHT channel.